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Metamorphosis Bliss

I wrote out this trance for a group I'm a part of that is exploring the metamorphosis phase of the journey of soul initiation. The point of metamorphosis is to be shaped by your soul images, so in order to experience metamorphosis, you have to have encountered those. Which is to say, this recording won't make sense to most people. If you are curious, check out The Journey of Soul Initiation by Bill Plotkin, or come to a program at Animas Valley Institute.

And, we all have experiences of the numinous in our lives: powerful dreams, moments of deep connection to the natural world, epiphanies of meeting exiled parts of ourselves.... All of those experiences shape the psyche in a metamorphic way. Cultivating ongoing relationship with those experiences, and consciously submitting to them changing us is transformative, beautiful, and important throughout life. So feel free to listen with one of those experiences in mind, so as to more deeply permit their work on you.

The trance explores how submitting to soul is embodied and ecstatic. It brings a soul encounter to life and feeds its shaping power.



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